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Scale My Ecommerce Store

Aug 8, 2023

I remember when I launched my first business, I was absolutely shitting myself! I was almost too scared to tell any of my family and friends I’d started a business, or invite them to look at my website.

Why? Because of an almost-overwhelming fear of failure. I had set myself a really big goal, and standing on the starting blocks, that goal looked totally unachievable!

And I was especially fearful of investing my personal hard earned savings into things like advertising when there was no guarantee that I’d make it back. 

BUT, I also knew if you want to progress, you gotta beat that fear of failure.

So if you’re feeling stuck in a fear of over-spending on ads or losing out on whatever you invest in ads…this episode is for you! 

Today on the show, I’ll share exactly how to calculate what you should spend on your advertising.

Plus, how to work out if you’re spending in that ‘sweet spot’ AND how to maximise your return on investment.

So – if you know you want to use paid traffic to scale your online store, but need a bit of help having the confidence to invest in that…

Tune in and I’ll divulge it all for you!

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