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Scale My Ecommerce Store

Oct 26, 2021

Social proof is one of the most impactful ways of increasing your brand awareness and removing purchasing barriers with your customers. 

And there’s no bigger social impact than having the right celebrity rave about your products!

But how do you get your products into the hands of celebrities? 

And what is the difference between celebrity endorsements and paid influencer shoutouts?

Today’s guest is serial entrepreneur Sarah Shaw who built a multi-million dollar handbag business by becoming a pro at getting her handbags into the hands of not only celebrities but also movies such as Legally Blonde and major magazine publications. 

“... think about whether your ideal customer would buy something if they saw that person with it. That's the big linchpin really is would that make them get their wallet out?”

In addition to sharing her practical tips on how to increase brand awareness for your products Sarah also very generously shares her business journey with us. From costume designer to CEO, to selling her business after facing challenges with investors and losing the trademark for her own name, there is so much to take away in this episode. 

In this episode Sarah shares:

  • Her Productpreneur journey and how she built her handbag business with features from celebrities, movies and magazines
  • How working with celebrities can increase brand awareness and increase sales
  • How to identify celebrities to reach out to
  • The difference between reaching out to celebrities and working with paid influencers
  • How to maximise the opportunity once your product IS featured
  • The importance of consistently working on your brand awareness and how it can open doors to exciting opportunities

Listen as Sarah shares her experience of working with celebrities to increase brand awareness and skyrocket sales for your business!